3 Excellent Reasons to Become CPR Certified

CPR certification courses are offered all over the place, and taking one of them is an excellent idea. This article will discuss three excellent reasons to become CPR certified.  You Can Save Lives Perhaps the most important reason that you should get your CPR certification is because it helps you to save lives. During your certification course, you will not only be taught the correct ratio of chest compressions to rescue breaths (30:2), but you will also be required to pass this off on adult and child dummies to show that you know how to do CPR properly. Read More 

4 Topics In Adult Education To Lead You Down A New Path

Taking adult education classes is a way to invest in your future, whether you want to change career paths, find self-fulfillment, or achieve personal growth. There are several subjects you should consider adding to your knowledge base. Language Classes If you are currently employed in human services, education, or the medical field, learning Spanish or American sign language (ASL) is a highly-prized skill. Since many colleges and universities either don't offer ASL or don't allow students to use the course to fulfill language requirements, ASL tends to be a less popular choice for students, possibly making the skill more valuable to employers. Read More 

Understanding The Basic Kinds Of Aptitude Tests

If you are an adult and are considering continuing your education at an adult education center or a community college, then you may be asked to take a variety of aptitude tests to determine your placement in the curriculum and help you define your educational goals. There are many different types of aptitude tests, and it is important that you understand the purpose and importance of the aptitude tests that you take. Read More 

4 Ways Preschool Can Help Start New Family Traditions

When you decide to sign up your child for preschool or a child care center, it can create a lot of changes in your life. Instead of looking at the negative aspects, you can turn the time away from your child into a number of positive experiences. The learning and social growth that a child has in preschool can be transitioned back into the home. As you register for your child for preschool, you can start planning all types of new traditions to start at home. Read More 

Build Upon Your Kindergartner’s Early Science Education With This Earthworm Observation Experiment

Recent studies have found that a good science education in the earliest grades in school is very important to help your child excel at science throughout their life. Science is taught at a lower priority in most early grade classes, and researchers found when interviewing kindergartners, just over one-third of the children showed any knowledge of science from school or other sources. It is important to make sure your kindergartner is introduced to and has the opportunity to study science during their earliest years. Read More